Latest Generation HP VICTUS Gaming Laptop Review AMD Ryzen

What you need to know before buying an HP Victus 15.6" Full HD 144Hz Gaming Laptop Before we dive into the details of our laptops, we have to look at some important things that are key to their performance and reliability.

HP VICTUS Gaming Laptop Review AMD Ryzen

HP Victus 15.6" Full HD 144Hz Gaming Laptop | AMD Ryzen 5-7535HS RTX 2050.

Important things are their performance and reliability.


The processor is an essential part of any computer. It is responsible for all tasks such as processing data, running programs, and handling hardware acceleration. To ensure the best possible gaming experience, choose a high-performance processor. For this reason, we recommend choosing one with more cores than required by your needs.


Memory is crucial for running applications and keeping them up-to-date. A good memory helps reduce lag when working on games or other demanding applications. To ensure the best possible gaming experience, select a large amount of memory for optimal performance. We advise sticking with 16GB RAM.


Storage is also an essential component of any laptop. With enough storage space to store files and programs, your device can be used even if it's not connected to an internet connection. This is essential for storing personal information, backups, and installing software updates. If you plan to use the laptop while traveling or in other remote locations, make sure you have enough storage space for extra files and programs. Storage is often overlooked when looking for a new laptop. Storage capacity refers to how much data can be stored on a particular device. Some factors to consider include internal storage, external storage, and memory. Internal storage refers to the storage space within your laptop itself. External storage is any piece of data that can be accessed through a physical device. Memory is what makes your laptop perform its functions. Therefore, it is crucial to find a balance between storage space and performance.


The display is the main screen of your laptop. The quality of the display depends on many factors, including the resolution, refresh rate, and brightness. You will want to choose a higher-resolution display that provides sharp images and videos. Highlighted elements also improve visibility in dark areas. Additionally, larger and better-quality displays can translate into greater battery life.

Processor & cooling:

Processors and cooling systems vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your laptop. However, most modern laptops feature Intel Core i7 processors, although they may come in different configurations. Opt for something with lower power consumption and longer lifespan. We recommend opting for products with a fan to prevent overheating. A solid-state drive (SSD) is another option that offers faster loading speeds and increased endurance. Finally, consider adding liquid cooling solutions to increase heat dissipation.

Graphics card:

The graphics card (also known as the GPU) powers your laptop. You will want a powerful machine with plenty of horsepower. Choose a product with the latest generation of Nvidia or AMD technology. We recommend choosing products with a dedicated 1080P, 1440P, or 4K display to provide the best gaming experience possible. As far as computing goes, a mid-range CPU has been around for years, but newer CPUs offer improved efficiency. An example would be the AMD Ryzen 3 3650HX, which comes with 24GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Also, consider purchasing a prebuilt system with integrated graphics cards (IGC). These systems will run smoothly without requiring additional components. There is an ongoing trend towards modular designs of these systems to simplify maintenance.

Laptop features:

We have listed some of the major aspects to consider when evaluating a new laptop. Feel free to customize a list tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. Below we have compiled some highlights to help you get started.

Backlit keyboard:

The backlit keyboard is becoming increasingly popular in both gaming laptops and desktops. Backlit keyboards allow users to see their desktops through the thin black strip of light emitted while typing. They provide a unique look and feel that cannot be found in regular full-height keyboards. Other benefits include improved visibility in dark environments, easier typing during nighttime, enhanced ergonomic design, and reduced eye strain. In addition, they are available in various colors, allowing for customization.

Backlit display:

The backlit display is designed to produce a bright and colorful image. While this type of display can be distracting when viewed alone in a dark room, it creates an intriguing visual effect when combined with ambient lighting. Furthermore, it is easy to adjust the brightness level on your own. LED screens have grown in popularity among gamers. Because they emit less light than ordinary flat-screen monitors, they typically have a higher contrast ratio. On average, a 120-PPI display with a 1,600:1 pixel ratio can achieve 1200 nits of visible light.

Backlit touchpad:

The front touchpad on your laptop should be illuminated. Not only does it create a sleek and premium look, but it also improves accuracy and allows users to interact with the laptop more intuitively. The added benefit of illuminating the bottom touchpad can also boost the durability of your laptop's screen.


Performance is another factor to consider when selecting a new laptop. Your preferred brand of gaming laptop may be slower compared to others. However, the difference in performance will depend on several factors, including specifications, operating system configuration, and overall usage. Our recommendations for performance include checking out older models, upgrading your system, using a smaller hard disk, and staying away from low-end or budget options.

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